Software Testing

We, at Satnam, understand the principles of software testing well. While objectives for testing can be several based on the stage of the application that is being tested and the industry sector, we have well defined test processes and plans for manual functional testing. Domain expert and test architect are part of the testing engagement to provide focus on test strategy and planning and they also mentor the delivery teams in terms of domain expertise. We work closely with client teams and are flexible to provide and adapt the best of test practices which will help us deliver excellent testing results to our clients.

Manual Testing

We perform component-based testing which helps in identifying the business flow of our clients and re-use of testcases efficiently to reduce the overall effort in testing by 30%. This reduces the test-cycle time by 50%. Our application SMEs and test specialists plan both manual and automation testing during the designphase. Our optimization using all-pairs technique during test design ensures good coverage of requirements.We have matured test metrics for test execution, automation and defect trends across releases.Our teams are divided as core and flex to support and retain valuable knowledge of your domain andthe application under test.

Automation Testing

We plan for automation during the test design phase itself. Automation planning focuses on reducing testing effort by 30% and efficient re-use of components.
We have automation specialists, especially QTP SMEs who can deliver optimized test automation scripts which are multi-action based and uses all-pairs technique efficiently. Regression testing that uses automation is planned to run as batch jobs(24/7). We closely track the automation levels for every application release using metrics that define them.

Performance Testing

We can help you test your applications performance and improve its efficiency. We use tools such as JMeter and LoadRunner to effectively script scenarios which use the hardware and memory intensively. We will provide you with performance test metrics which can help tune your application/website to perform at an optimum level to ensure best user experience.